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Facts you may not know about jewelry

Facts you may not know about jewelry

 Jewelry is a group of materials that are put together to form a kind of personal adornment for women mostly, and the craft of jewelry making is one of the most widespread handicrafts around the world, and it also requires a creative taste and tangible experience in choosing components, and these components can include many elements Natural that you would not think of using for decoration such as wood, shells, and pebbles, in addition to the possibility of making much precious jewelry from precious stones or precious metals such as gold, silver, pearls, and coral. It is worth noting that Jewelry Groves has a wide variety of jewelry made of silver and precious stones such as zirconia, and these components have undergone many types of physical and chemical treatment to transform them from raw form to shapes The creativity of jewelry, and this article will mention facts that you may not know about jewelry.

History of the jewelry industry

 Ancient civilizations used jewelry in abundance, and some of them bury jewelry with their dead, and others make jewelry and precious stones what is known as the art of mosaic, and in the beginning, in some eras Before history, people used shells and animal remains, such as reindeer antlers, mammoth tusks, and the feathers of some types of birds as decorations. Jewels from which many jewelry designers in this era are inspired by new designs, and jewelry in the past was limited to earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, but later on, many other forms were developed such as hair crowns, hairpins, rings, and ankle bracelets or what is known as anklets, as she wore The queen of the Sumerian civilization, clothes made of gold and inlaid with rubies, emeralds, lapis lazuli, and many other precious stones. And jewelry in the world, in addition to the Aegean civilization in the Bronze Age, which formed gold and jewelry in natural forms, such as types of flowers and birds such as phoenixes and others, and many pieces of jewelry possessed many strange facts, so the following paragraph will mention a few facts that you may not know about jewelry.

Facts you may not know about jewelry

 The ancients used gemstones resulting from complex geological processes in much fine jewelry, and in the world of jewelry there are many unknown facts about jewelry, and here are some of these facts:

  • Agate stone was called in the past as pomegranate seeds.
  • Amber is the most delicate gemstone used in jewelry, and the hardest jewelry is diamond.
  • The largest diamond in the world is located in the United States and is called Uncle Sam's diamond.
  • Queen Cleopatra preferred jewelry made of peridot stone.
  • No two pieces of opal are exactly alike, so it has been likened to a fingerprint.
  • Gold is not attracted to a magnet like other precious metals, and this method is effective for finding out if a piece of gold is genuine or not.
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